The Königsee Code-No. system shortly explained:

Screws: 2.412.xx: 2 stands for implant steel (stainless steel)
3.448.xx: 3 stands for titanium
.xx: stands for the respective screw length
Abbreviations: st: self-tapping
sd: self-drilling
bt: back-tapping
Plates: 4.9482.xx: 4 stands for plates made of implant steel
5.9482.xx: 5 stands for plates made of commercially pure titanium
.xx: stands for the number of holes (Attention: The number of holes is defined differently out of historic developments!)
Wires: 6.061.xx: 6 stands for wires made of implant steel
.xx: stands for the wire diameter
Instruments: 2.253.xx: Measuring gauges, drill bits, screw driver etc.
10.176.xx: Pliers, drill guides etc.
Sets: 19.551.xx: complete-sets as well as trays and containers inserts for trays