How everything began…

The history of Königsee Implantate goes back until the end of World War I: In 1919 orthopaedic technician Otto Bock found a company in Berlin, to treat veterans with prosthesis and orthopaedic products. This company soon moved to the original home-town of Otto Bock: Königsee, Thuringia. Otto Bock implemented the idea, to manufacture prosthesis parts in a serial production and to distribute and sell these products to local orthopaedic technicians. After World War II in 1948 the company sustained great tragedy: the company founder was expropriated and the company then was state-owned.

With the fall of the Berlin-Wall, the company was sold and went back into the ownership of Otto Bock. The company-part manufacturing implants and instruments was sold under the name of "Orthopädie Königsee" to a French investor. In September 1993 this project went bankrupt.

With this development a door was opened for Erich Orschler: after a short negotiation with the city and the federal state he found a new company in October 1993 "Königsee Implantate und Instrumente zur Osteosynthese GmbH" situated in Königsee. With a small number of machines and strong will of the remaining employees the former "Orthopädie Königsee" formed the beginning of the success-story of Königsee Implantate.


This year Königsee Implantate enlarges its extensive radius portfolio and launches the variable angle-stable radius plate 2.4. Because of its innovating characteristics a save treatment of radius fractures is possible.

Furthermore the TRILOB nail, a compact system for fracture treatment on dog`s limb bones, and the upgrade-set for the TIS™ screw is presented.

Based on the convincing holistic energy management, Königsee Implantate is winner of the Thuringia Energy Efficiency Award 2017.


Foundation of the Company: Erich Orschler foundet the company „Königsee Implantate und Instrumente zur Osteosynthese GmbH” in Königsee. The beginning of manufacturing with seven employees was the main focus in the first time.


Already one year after its foundation the manufacturing material titanium is introduced next to stainless steel.


Because the facilities in Königsee soon were not enough anymore the company obtains a piece of land in Aschau. In Oktober of the same year the 13 employees move to a new 600sqm company-building.


In this year Königsee Implantate patented the Non-Contact-plate, most recent CNC-manufacturing machines are purchased and the distribution structure is enhanced to whole Germany. At this time 20 people are employed.


The engineers are able to make a great step forward: for the first time it is possible to perform a minimally-invasive surgery with a vertebral body replacement. Königsee Implantate is nominated for the Thuringia Innovations-Price and employs at this time 28 people.


A NASA-Technology optimizes the quality of titanium-implants: The advantages of the new process are greater strength and a clear reduction of the risk of friction-corrosion and "cold welding". A world-wide patent protects since this year the vertebral body replacement. The hight-adjustable vertebral body cage was developed in 1997 and is used for the first time during an operation. Our company is certified according to ISO 46001 & directive 42/93 EEC. At that time already 48 men and women are employed and together receive the Innovations-Price Thuringia.


In this year Königsee Implantate develops new angle-stable systems, which shorten the fracture healing time a lot. Königsee Implantate is able to get the honorary price called "Neuland 2" as well as the "Wissenschaftspreis MO". The number of employees increased to 50.


Königsee Implantate develops together with spanish orthopaedics a patented screw-rod-system for the spine. For the world-wide distribution of this implant a cooperation contract with Johnson & Johnson was signed.

The constant increase of the company demands for doubling the production space with new production halls. This year Königsee Implantate happily receives the „OSKAR for medium-sized companies“ and again is awarded with the Innovations-Price Thuringia. At the tip of the millennium 67 people work for the implant manufacturer.


Special plates and screws as well as the first veterinary implants are now part of the Königsee product portfolio. The enhancement of the sortiment demands for a personnell increase in the research & development department. Furthermore an effective production planning and management system optimizes various processes. At the international congress for ideas, developments and new products our company was awarded with two silver medals. The number of people employed increases to 71.


In this year further investments in production are undertaken: the number of machines is increased.

One highlight in this year is the user-meeting with leading international traumatologists. Another hight-point is the presence at the Developers Congress in Geneva, where Königsee Implantate receives a silver medal. At this moment 75 people are working for Königsee Implantate.


Königsee Implantate celebrates ist 10th anniversary. Highlight in this year is the official award of the "Golden Light-bowl" during the science broadcast "Einfach genial" (Just genious).

In the company there are undertaken more investments in new technology and the enhancement of export and development-team. The demand of user-meetings is consistantly high. Up until now 88 people are working for Königsee Implantate – two of them are trainees.


The number of machines is increased by a High-pressure compactor with which implants automatically can be shaped. A milestone was set when delivery times were to be reduced: 95% of the incoming orders are leaving our facilities for dispatch within 24 hours. The regular user-meetings are recognized as medical vocational trainings and demands increases.

This year Frank Orschler, sun of the company founder, is appointed CEO.

The radius-set is awarded by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sterilgutversorgung (German Association for Sterilization) as the most "innovative product of the year". Addionally we are happy to receive a placement among the TOP 100 most innovative companies in Germany.


With the construction of the new building for production and administrational rooms under private housing conditions and with heat-exchanger we set a clear signal for environmental protection.

The increasing demand for our products results in further investments into development- and manufacturing technique. Export department is delivering to China, Brasil, Russia, Mexico and Scandinavia.

This year the extra-curricular activity at the school in Königsee begins. Königsee Implantate again belongs among the Top 100 German companies. Additionally we are awarded with the "Mutmacher der Nation" (Courager of the nation) Thüringen and "Ethics in Business". In 2005 the 100-employees-mark was exceeded.


Königsee Implantate is chosen place in course of the initiative "Germany - Land of Ideas, 365 places". During this event an Open-Doors-Day is organized. The district of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt awards CEO Erich Orschler with the price as "Entrepreneur of the year". Furthermore we reach 3rd place in the competition of "Sustainable middle class".

In February this year an additional company building is opened by Prime Minister of Thuringia, Dieter Althaus.

Under the auspices of the Thuringian Education-minister Prof. Dr. Jens Goebel we donate the company-initiated competition called "Next generation ideas (NGI) – give the world an idea" a scientific development project for young people and students.


This year we include further spinal products in our product catalogue.

A special event is the conduct of a project week with pupils of class 11 of the Odenwaldschule, Heppenheim in the course of the Germany-wide evonomic initiative "Jugend denkt Zukunft" (Youth thinking future).

For the forth time in a row Königsee Implantate is placed among the Top 100 most innovative companies in Germany.


The project week "Youth thinking future" this year is conducted with class 10 of the school in Königsee.

This year Königsee Implantate receives the fith price for being among the Top 100 most innovative companies in Germany. The number of employees inbetween increased to 130.


Together with the university of Jena and the technology-group INNOVENT Jena e.V. we developed a special surface treatment (TiOB®) for titanium-implants and patented it.

The update of products demands for another enlargement of production space: all processes necessary for the surface treatment are combined on 290 sqm. Furthermore the construction of a modern training centre begins and a training-team is employed. All in all at this time 141 people and 9 apprentices work for Königsee Implantate.


Frank Orschler becomes sole owner of Königsee Implantate. His father and founder of the company, Erich Orschler, retires.

In August the official opening of the new training centre in Unterschöbling takes place with Prime Minister of Thuringia, Christine Lieberknecht.

For the 6th time Königsee Implantate is recognized as one of the Top 100 most innovative companies in Germany. 150 people are employed.


Market launch of RoSA® - An innovative principle for the fixation of the head-neck-fragment in case of fractures at the coxal femoral end.

In autumn this year a cooperation agreement with the school in Bad Blankenburg in the course of KURS 21 is singed. It is the goal to give the pupils the possibility to have a look into a possible profession. Königsee Implantate can be happy about the achieved final placements in the competition "Entrepreneur of the year" and during the "German Industrial Price". Also: the company was jury-member during the "Great Price of Middleclass". In this year 152 employees work on the high quality of the Königsee-implants.


Humerusplatte und des Ellenbogen-Set

In spring of this year is the market launch of the distal Humerus plates and the elbow-set.


Königsee Implantate will celebrate its 20th Anniversary this year and looks back at a successful development of the company which was only possible with a lot of effort from management as well as from the Königsee-team and many external partners and consultants.

The combination-set for the variable angle-stable Patellaplate and the Handarthrodesisplate 19.671.xxx represents the most recent set configuration for the combination of 2.7 and 3.5 mm systems by Königsee.


For the second time, after 2006, Königsee Implantate is one of 100 "Excellent places in the land of ideas". This year the award is based on the competition entry "Training center for cutting technology - career in rural areas". About 1000 research institutes, companies and associations took part in the nationwide competition. The certificate and the trophy of the Federal President were officially presented to CEO Frank Orschler on October 7th.


Königsee Implantate keeps on investing in the location Aschau by purchasing six further state-of-the-art automated lathes and milling machines for about 1.8 million Euro.

Again one apprentice of Königsee Implantate is awarded as best cutting mechanic by the IHK Gera. This year it is the 20 years old Benjamin Geyer, who completes his three and a half years` apprentice training as best examinee. Between 70 and 100 trainees pass this examination annually. Since 2010 apprentices of Königsee Implantate have reached three times the top position, three times the 2nd place and four times the 3rd place.


The targeting device of the PolyAxNail®, developed in cooperation with the company OT Medizintechnik, is reddot Winner 2016 and awarded for high design quality.

Königsee Implantate educates the state`s best cutting mechanic. With an outstanding exam result Steven Ludwig is not only chamber`s best in all apprenticeship trades of the IHK Gera, but also state`s best of the year 2016.