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Pediatric orthopedics and other news from Königsee

Aschau, the 01/06/2021

Children are our future! Therefore, as a manufacturer of medical products, it is particularly important to us to offer a comprehensive portfolio in the field of pediatric orthopedics. The star of our range:

Our VaWiKo° EPI Plate

➔ Targeted growth control for Genum Varum, Genum Valgum and leg length differences
➔ Safe application with claws on the underside of the plate
➔ Custom-fit modeling on the bone and protection of the periosteum through undercuts on the plate
➔ Exact alignment and rotationally stable prefixing through K-wire holes
➔ easy and gentle metal removal thanks to the TiOB® surface and lateral undercut
➔ Minimized soft tissue irritation thanks to the flat plate design and minimal screw head protrusion
➔ Plates and screws available sterile packed