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OSSYNPlenum – THE training brand from Königsee Implantate

Aschau, the 10/03/2020

As part of our training brand, we offer OR personnel workshops, OTA training and innovative doctor workshops.

The challenges and demands in the OR are increasing! Time pressure and quality requirements demand perfectly trained staff and fully informed doctors.

OR personnel workshops / OTA training: We work out the theoretical foundations of osteosynthesis as well as we intensively present the current treatment standards for the use of standard implants as well as angle-stable and variable angle-stable implants in our basic courses. The theory is supplemented by practical exercises on artificial bones under the guidance of experienced course leaders. The advanced course focuses on osteosynthesis techniques in the lower extremities.  The participants get an overview of different surgical methods. They can expand and consolidate their skills by exercises on the artificial bone.

Doctor workshops: Pelvic fractures due to osteoporosis are increasingly treated surgically. Soft tissue-conserving surgical techniques and implants, which offer a high guarantee primary stability are currently the focus of interest for orthopaedic surgeons and trauma surgeons. The TIS ™ screw fulfills the requirements of a modern implant: minimal invasiveness and stability. The workshop on the trans-iliosacral screw is to everyone who wants to acquire or deepen surgucal skills with this new implant. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, we offer you a purely practical workshop on the thiel-fixed carcass with the augmentable screw from Königsee Implantate for trans-iliosacral restoration.

We also offer hands-on workshops on life-like fractures in preparations with a closed soft tissue cover
 -  Fracture type and soft tissue lesions reflect real injuries.
 The participants can perform end-to-end trauma management including case planning along X-ray and CT scans and reduction techniques. These workshops are organized in cooperation with the Trauma Academy.

As part of the OSSYNPlenum, we offer fracture-related workshops for each of our products and a wide variety of treatments.

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Photo: OSSYNPlenum – THE training brand from Königsee Implantate